Make Every Word Count

Eight seconds! That's the average attention span of human beings according to a recent research.

And that's how much time you have to capture your prospect's attention. 

You have to make every word count. You have to say it right the first time!

That is why we started Time&Ink: to help start-up and  growth companies increase sales through effective copywriting. 

We write for human beings, optimize for search engines, and create exceptional content that always hit the mark! 

Expert Copywriters

Work with an experienced copywriter able to tell your story in your own voice.

Quick Turnaround Time

Depending on the nature and size of the project, our turnaround time is less than 24 hours. Almost every time.

Excellent Customer Support

We won't leave you out in the cold. Whatever your needs are, you have trusted partner in us. We promise.


We help clients engage their prospects and convert them to buyers and loyal advocates through content that works.

Website Content

Ask around, we write some of the best web pages in the free world – custom, made to order, SEO friendly and up to Google’s current standards.

Corporate Blogs

We are experts at providing creative, well-written blog posts. You’ll receive reader-friendly content, optimized for search engine and social media shares.

Social Media

Give your business a personality – and a micro-phone.We will set up your social media pages and find you more fans than you thought possible.

Case Studies

We are great storytellers - and sellers, and can help you craft the perfect case study that will open a floodgate of customers to your business.


Our internet researching skills, combined with solid technical writing knowledge, gives us an edge in writing white papers.

Sales Letters

A converting sales page brings in sales and positively impacts your bottom line. An expert Time&Ink sales copywriter can turn your product or service into an overnight sensation among ready buyers. 

Product Description

We will provide a unique content for each one of your e-commerce or online products – SEO optimized for rankings, and written to educate and sell to your buyers.

Promotional Ad Copy

Our marketing copywriters are experts in crafting a message that will get attention and stand out from your PPC (pay per click) competitors.

Ghost Writing

Our ghost writing service was created to help you achieve three things: create thought leadership, establish your authority, and amplify your pre-eminence.

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